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Pepperl + Fuchs RFID Tag


3. Degree of protection

RFID tags are available with ratings of < IP67 or IP67 or IP68/IP69K. What is the difference? A tag with a rating lower than IP67 is not watertight. A tag rated IP67 is watertight enough to be immersed in water for 30 minutes. A tag rated IP68 can be immersed underwater for 24 hours. And while a tag rated IP69K is not waterproof in the same way as an IP68-rated tag, it can withstand high-pressure jets of water with a force of 1450 psi at temperatures up to 80 °C, so it can be used in applications such as a car wash or a food processing plant.

4. Frequency range

Tags are available for frequency ranges of LF (125 kHz) or HF (13.56 MHz) or UHF (865 MHz … 928 MHz).

RFID Tags and Frequency Ranges

  • Low-frequency RFID tags are used for short-range detection up to 155 mm. They have a slower read speed but are less sensitive to interference. They have less power but can still penetrate nonmetallic objects.
  • High-frequency RFID tags are used for short-range detection up to 160 mm. They have a faster read speed but moderate sensitivity to interference. They work well with metal objects.
  • Ultrahigh-frequency RFID tags are used for long-range detection of about 2.5 meters depending on the power settings and tags. They are also used for multi-tag reading and can read up to 40 tags at once.