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WirelessHART Networks

The core element and most advanced device within a WirelessHART network is our WirelessHART gateway, which establishes the wireless connection to the network. It offers one or more interfaces for host systems (RS 485, Ethernet, PROFIBUS) and is equipped with “Network Manager” and "Security Manager".

WirelessHART Adapter The WirelessHART adapter can be connected to every conventional HART or 4 mA…20 mA field device directly or with a short cable. It reads the data of the field device via HART or translates the 4 mA…20 mA signal to a digital
value and transmits the data to the WirelessHART network. This highly flexible solution turns every field device into a WirelessHART field device.
WirelessHART Temperature Converter The WirelessHART temperature converter is a field device that is already equipped with a WirelessHART interface. In this case, the 4 mA…20 mA interface is replaced by an antenna.
3-D simulation for WirelessHART networks

Wireless Network Checker (WiNC) from Pepperl+Fuchs consists of two software programs. With these programs, you can create a virtual model of your plant and quickly generate a three-dimensional simulation of your WirelessHART network. This enables you to simulate and verify the radio wave propagation of individual devices and their interoperation inside a network.

WirelessHART Accessories

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a variety of accessories for WirelessHART installations. The portfolio consists of antennas, adapters, coaxial cables, and surge protectors.

Product disclaimer - WirelessHART
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