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SICK Group | Sensor Intelligence


SICK is one of the world's leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications.

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Industrial sensors

Industrial sensors overview

Photoelectric sensors

Inductive proximity sensors

Capacitive proximity sensors

Magnetic proximity sensors

Magnetic cylinder sensors


Registration sensors

Registration sensors overview

Contrast sensors

Color sensors

Luminescence sensors

Fork sensors

Array sensors

Markless sensors

Glare sensors


Distance sensors

Distance sensors overview

Short-range distance sensors

Mid-range distance sensors

Long-range distance sensors

Linear measurement sensors

Ultrasonic sensors

Optical data transmission

Position finders


Automation light grids

Automation light grids overview

High-end automation light grids

Standard automation light grids

Smart light grids



SICK Vision overview

Vision sensors

Smart cameras

3D cameras

Vision illumination


Detection and ranging solutions

Detection and ranging solutions overview

Indoor laser measurement technology

Outdoor laser measurement technology


Fluid sensors

Level sensors

Pressure sensors


Identification solutions

Identification solutions overview

Bar code scanners

Image-based Code Readers (1D/2D/OCR)

Hand-held scanners

Connection and mounting technology


 Opto-electronic protective devices

Opto-electronic protective devices overview

Safety laser scanners

Laser scanners

Safety camera systems

Safety light curtains

Multiple light beam safety devices

Single-beam photoelectric safety switches

Mirror and device columns

Safety upgrade information


Safety switches

Safety switches overview

Electro-mechanical safety switches

Non-contact safety switches

Safety command devices


Safe control solutions

Safe control solutions overview

Safety relays

Safety controllers

Safe Sensor Cascade



Encoders overview

Positioning encoders

Wire-draw encoders

Absolute encoders

Incremental encoders

Linear encoders

Wheeled encoders

Legacy encoders


Motor Feedback Systems

Motor Feedback Systems Overview

Incremental and Incremental with Commutation

Singleturn HIPERFACE



Legacy Motor Feedback Systems


System solutions

System solutions overview

Volume measurement systems

Code reading systems

Hybrid systems and additional system solutions

Analytics Solutions

Robot guidance systems


Gas analysis, dust monitoring and flow measurement

Gas analyzers

Gas Flow Measuring Devices

Dust measuring devices

Analyzer systems

Liquid analyzers

Tunnel sensors