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Line Card

AC TECH/LENZE (CE Certified)

AC Variable Frequency Drives
Servos/Gear Boxes/Gear Motors

CHROMALOX Product Overview

Tubular, Strip, Ring, Band, Nozzle, Cartridge, Quartz, Flexible Ceramic, Immersion, Circulation, Process Air, Radiant, Temperature Controllers, Relays, Recorders, Thermocouples, RTD’s, Wire, Thermostats, Heat Trace Cable, Chart Recorders, Power Controllers, Indicators

EE CONTROLS (CE Certified)

AEG Relays, Contractors, Starters, Disconnects, Circuit Breakers, Positive Guided Relays, Pushbuttons, Towerlights, Warning Beacons

FINDER (CE Certified)

Relays, Timers, Modules Sub-Miniature, Miniature, & Industrial Relays

KOBOLD (CE Certified)

Flowmeters -Turbine, Paddle,Differential
Pressure, Positive Displacement, Float Switches;
Pressure - Gauges,Transmitters, Switches;
Level -Controllers, Transmitters, Transducers,
Switches, Gauges; Temperature - Gauges,
Switches, Transmitters


Lovato Electric

Motor Control and Protection, Control and Signaling, Isolation and Protection, Automation and Control, Energy Management



Centralized, Decentralized I/O and Ethernet Products, Centralized I/O Fieldbus Systems, Distribution Boxes,
Cables & Connectors, Cordsets, Receptacles, Valve Connectors, Rectangular and Circular Connectors


Drives - Adjustable Frequency , Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) Servos, Motion Controllers, Servos

N-TRon (CE Certified) (A Red Lion Company)

Ethernet Switches Managed & Unmanaged
Industrial Power Over Ethernet (POE)



Process, Tubular, Immersion, Circulation, Strip, Flexible, Quartz Heaters , Sensors, Thermostats, Indicators Temperature Controllers, Heat Trace

PEPPERL + FUCHS (CE Certified)

Process & Factory Automation Products,
Fieldbus & Hart Level Measurement,
Purging & Pressurization Systems, BEBCO Intrinsic Safety Barriers/Signal Conditioners Inductive/Photoelectric/Ultrasonic Sensors, Capacitive Sensors, ASI Bus Systems, Inductive ID Systems, Cables, & Connectors Linear Position Switches, Encoders HMI Visualization Solutions
IP69K and EX Rated Products

PILZ (CE Certified)

Safety Monitoring, Safety Relays, Safety PLC's 3D Safe Camera System: Safety EYE


Thermocouples, RTDs Thermowells, TC Wire, Specialty Electric Heaters

RED LION (CE Certified)

DSP - Multiple Protocol Converter
Process Control I/O Modules
Temperature/PID Controllers
Panel Meters, Encoders, Sensors,
Timers, Counters, & Pressure Transmitters Graphite HMI’s


Wall Mounted, Modular, Fiberglass, Operator System, Stainless Steel Enclosures. Saginaw Control and Engineering can manufacture a custom enclosure meet your needs.


Safety Interlock Switches,Safety Edges/Bumpers, Safety Relays/Safety Pressure Mats, Safety Limit Switches/Safety Light Curtains, ATEX-EX Rated Safety Switches, IP69K Rated Control Devices, Indicator Lights, Switches Gear Switches, HD Limit Switches, Belt Alignment Switches
Industrial-Grade Joy Stick Switches, Foot Switches


MODICON Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s), CITECT SCADA/HMI Software, AMPLA MES Business Solutions Software, Magellis/Proface HMI’s/Designer Software


SICK, INC. (CE Certified)

Inductive/Photoelectric/Ultrasonic Sensors, Ethernet Absolute Encoders,
Capactive/Color/Contrast/Luminescence Sensors, Barcode Scanners/Vision Systems//RFID, Safety Light Curtains/Safety Switches/Relays

SIXNET (CE Certified) (A Red Lion Company)

Industrial Automation I/O Systems
Industrial Modems, Cellular Modems
Ethernet Switches Managed & Unmanaged
Remote Terminal Units (RTU's)


UPS Systems, Power Supplies, Power Conditioners, Voltage Regulators, Drive Isolation Transformers, Constant Voltage Transformers, Filters & Surge Protection


Band, Cartridge, Cast-In, Ceramic, Coil, & Cable, Radiant, Strip, Immersion, Process/Tubular Heater


United Technologies Company

Magnetic Reed Safety / Security Interlock


 WERMA (CE Certified)


Signal Towers, Optical Signal Devices, Audible Signal Devices, Displays, EEx Signal Devices