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KOBOLD develops instruments for monitoring, measuring and regulating flow, pressure, level and temperature.

Flow Sensors and Flow Controls

KOBOLD offers one of the industry’s most extensive lines of flowmeters for liquid and gas applications, including:

  • Variable area flowmeters
  • Paddle wheel flowmeters
  • Turbine flowmeters
  • Vortex flowmeters
  • Oval gear meters
  • Target flowmeters
  • Magnetic flowmeters

KOBOLD also offers a variety of flow switches and flow transmitters.

Pressure Sensors and Pressure Controls

KOBOLD instrumentation for measuring and controlling pressure includes:

  • Mechanical pressure switches
  • Electronic pressure switches
  • Mechanical pressure gauges
  • Electronic pressure gauges
  • Pressure transmitters

Level Sensors and Level Controls

The KOBOLD line of level monitoring and control products includes:

  • Float level switches
  • Optical level switches
  • Ultrasonic level switches
  • Conductive level switches
  • Float-type level transmitters
  • Magnetostrictive level transmitters
  • Ultrasonic level transmitters
  • Capacitance level transmitters

In addition, KOBOLD manufactures bypass level gauges and mini-bypass level gauges, which are mounted on tanks to provide a visual indication of level together with optional level switches and level transmitters.

Temperature Sensors and Temperature Controls

KOBOLD manufactures many temperature measurement and control products, such as:

  • Temperature switches
  • Temperature gauges
  • Temperature transmitters