Schmersal USA


Schmersal develops and produces an extraordinary wide range of high quality switches and related control modules for safety applications - for the protection of man and machine; Additional product lines include switches for use in industrial automation, in explosive environments, and in the elevator industry.

In the "Safe Switching and Monitoring" section, you will find an extraordinary large program of safety-related switchgears for the position monitoring of guard doors and the non-contact protection of hazardous zones and danger points, as well as safety switching appliances for special applications.

In the "Safe Signal Processing" section, you will find safety relay modules for various safety technology applications (e.g. for emergency stop and guard door monitoring) as well as centralized programmable safety controllers and decentralized field bus systems, including a modular concept for safety functions control on small machines.

In the "Automation Technology" section, you will find switching appliances for the mechanical position detection in various fields of application as well as (safety) sensors with different operating principles; this section furthermore includes a comprehensive program of command and signaling devices.

The "Ex Switchgear" section includes switchgears which can be used, in accordance with the harmonized standards, in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres due to the presence of gas and dust. This line includes position switches, safety switches, and safety sensors with non-contact operating principle.

In the "Lift Switchgears" section, you will find switches for various elevator applications - in the shaft pit, the lift car and the machine room. These include floor and fine-adjustment switches, positive-break door contacts, position switches, magnetic reed switches, remote alarm systems, as well as the USP ultrasonic elevator positioning system.