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Application Notes

Finding the Model Number on Your Inductive Sensor
One of the most important parts of integrating an inductive sensor into an application or ordering replacement parts is being able to identify the part and model number of the sensor. That is why knowing how to find the model number on your inductive sensor is so important. This is actually a fairly simple and straightforward process.
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 Why use EtherCAT?
The unique way that EtherCAT works makes it the clear “engineer’s choice.” Additionally, the following features are particularly advantageous for many applications.
ATEX and IECEx certifications to Red Lion’s Graphite HMIs
Red Lion’s touchscreen Graphite HMIs are now able to provide organizations with powerful monitoring and control capabilities regardless of operating environment, even locations subject to potentially explosive atmospheres that may result from gas, vapor, mist and/or dust.
Selecting Purge Systems 101
Selecting the correct Purging technology is important to meet the needs of your application. This document is a simple questionnaire to make sure you choose the correct system.
Control technology - For safety and standard
A solution for your automation function - economical, safe and from one source. With compatible components and systems from Pilz.
 Foundation Field Buses for Business
The “Fieldbus Wars” were resolved in Ottawa over a decade ago with the adoption of the “8 headed” version of IEC 61158. At that time everyone involved thought this compromise was a bad solution and it did stop the fighting in the Standards community though the market share battles in the different industries and to some extent across industries continue to this day.
 Mitsubishi / Pumping Applications
Pumping can be defined as the ability to compress or drive a fluid. Within applications pumping can mean passing a fluid into or out of a system where either fluid pressure or flow rate is controlled. Typically an inverter operates at the center of the application determining the control characteristics of the pump.
Hydraulic Fracture Drilling
Heat trace is used to counteract the heat loss from process equipment and piping through its insulation, to prevent solution precipitation and the increase of viscosity or solidification of product, and to provide freeze protection.


Kobold Solution for High Precision Steam Management
Heinrichs DVH Series multivariable vortex flowmeters from KOBOLD Instruments use up to three primary sensing elements for flow measurement: 1.) a vortex-shedding velocity sensor, 2.) an RTD temperature sensor, and 3.) a solid-state pressure transducer to measure the mass flow rate of gases, liquids and steam.