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About Us


Omnicon Technical Sales is an automation solution provider [ASP] of technology-based products and integrated solutions. Since 1984, Omnicon has been providing clients superior quality products, integrated solutions and support services. Omnicon has earned the reputation that stands out, as not only the first, but the leader of high-tech distributors in the Rocky Mountain Region. As experts in industrial control and process automation, they provide carefully selected products from world-class leaders in their industry. 

Omnicon's technical specialists have first-hand field experience, as well as training and chronological knowledge of Omnicon and competitive products and alternatives in industrial and process environments. This provides clients an advantage to acquire accurate information that warrants proper design and implementation of their system ensuring success. 

Omnicon's core technical competencies include automation, instrumentation, controls, networking and safety products. Additionally, Omnicon offers expertise in the areas of product applications, engineering and technical services. Omnicon pledges to deliver innovative, high quality, cost-effective solutions and provide excellent customer service.